Analytics, design and development of digital products
We provide full range of services for launching startups including market analysis, strategic planning, design & development and release of digital products – cross-platform B2C and B2B services – with web frontend and mobile applications.

We test hypotheses using the Lean / MVP paradigm, create products with scalable economies that are in high demand by target audience.

We prepare the teams & products for pitching to investors.
Analysis of target audience
Identification of the target audience of the project and its segments, analysis of problems and existing solutions
Comparative analysis of analogues and competitors
Collection and analysis of data on analogues and competitors in terms of functionality and content, monetization models, audiences and investments
Estimation of market capacity
Analysis of project growth prospects bassed on target audience segments and the problems to be solved
Description of user scenarios in life
Trystorming situations in which the target audience will interact with the product in real life conditions
Creating a business model from scratch
Development of key project indicators model, forecasting the payback
Provide recommendations for choosing a platform
Setting priorities for launching the product on specific platforms in the context of the business model

Description of the product structure
High-level structure of functional and product content with prioritization and MVP boundaries
Description of user scenarios in the product
Simulation of user -product interaction at all stages of the life cycle
Designing interfaces
Designing web frontend and mobile application of a product, that implement users scenarios
Preparation of requirements list
Preparation of a technical design assignment for the evaluation of the timing and cost of work with potential contractors

Development & launch
Web and mobile UI/UX design
UI wireframing and design for web and mobile applications based on use-cases and scenarios
Backend development
Server side development using modern tech boilerplate (PHP, Python, Ruby)
Frontend development
Client/browser side development with adaptive layout for desktop and mobile platforms
iOS and Android development
Native mobile apps development integrated with backend through unified API

What do you get
Vision of the market and the target audience
Positioning of the product relative to peers/competitors, assessing market capacity, analyzing audience problems and proposed solutions
Product launch and development strategy
Understand the key value of the product for the audience, launch priorities, development strategies and monetization
Operating model of the project
Description of business processes and project roles, forecast of expenses for operating activities, requirements for the team
Arguments for pitching to investors
Evaluation of the project's prospects in combination with the necessary investments makes it possible to prepare a meaningful proposal to the investors of the project
Documentation for communication with developers
The structure of the functional and content, user scenarios, interfaces and technical design assignment allow for a comprehensive and relatively accurate estimate of the cost and development time
Turnkey project development
Implementation of product functionality in the modern technological stack
Let's discuss your project
Contact us on Skype, by phone or email. We will share our experience, identify critical tasks, propose a detailed action plan and implement it with your team.
Selective clients and cases
Constanta group
Consulting on the strategy of the presence and development of business online, development of web sites and presentation materials
The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
Advising the RUIE on the tools for processing and publishing information in the context of the sectoral disease prevention and health promotion program
The Russian Presidential Academy of the National Economy and Public Administration
Creation of educational management system based on LMS Moodle, content preparation, consulting on work with the system and organization of business processes
MAL Agency
Advising the agency on the construction of digital products, participation in consulting and development for clients
Advising on online presence and development strategy, development of web sites and applications, consulting on business model and product architecture
Service of online support of doctors’ qualification
Analysis of the market and analogs/competitors, recommendations on the business model, preparation of materials for communication with investors, development of the service
E-book Translation Service
Materials development for pitching to investors, recommendations on the business model and user scenarios
Mobile application service for users support
Proprietary product, analytics and service development from scratch
Internet radio management service
Consulting on the business model, analysis of competitors, design and development of the interface
Service training in the basics of entrepreneurship for children and adolescents
Design of interfaces, recommendations on business model, development of service
Consulting on the product, business model, strategy for launching and developing the project
What are the further steps?
Over the last two years of the existence of leandev.ru team, in communicating with clients, it has been possible to identify a number of key issues, the answers to which determine the fate of the project.
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